and you think that if you throw in the occasional elementary reminder that racism is bad, the odd pity post, a “celebration of black excellence” here and there, some representation of black female beauty, that those things will work to negate/obscure your racism, that they’ll score you points

and you would be right

i’ve always lived in a body that is assumed to belong to everyone but me and i think i have always been aware of this to some degree but i have never been made more aware of it than in the time that i’ve been on this site

because here, blackness isn’t associated at all with humanity, and i don’t mean that in terms of like subhumanity

i mean that the humanness is often completely stripped from blackness and we are reduced to… a metaphor, a mode of juxtaposition, a comedic device

to you we’re not human beings — we’re formulas for comedy and tools for your likeability

how many times am i going to have to see black masculinity juxtaposed against “anime”, or blackness juxtaposed against academia, or black femininity juxtaposed against hyperfemininity

how many times are you going to ignore some white girl in california who has interacted with all of two black people in her real life appropriating aave because it stands in such stark contrast to who she is lmao

blackness has always existed as a perpetual source of irony/comedy for you, but now that you have found more nuanced/accepted ways of perpetuating your racism you think that it has gone unnoticed

There is no special love exclusively reserved for romantic partners. Genuine love is the foundation of our engagement with ourselves, with family, with friends, with partners, with everyone we choose to love. While we will necessarily behave differently depending on the nature of a relationship , or have varying degrees of commitment, the values that inform our behavior, when rooted in a love ethic, are always the same for any interaction.
bell hooks,"All About Love". 

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pinterest is my island

i am the kind of person that needs to be constantly compartmentalising + coordinating + planning so i use it to put together moods and wardrobes and textures and colour schemes and to plan purchase lists

the only thing that annoys me is that you can’t have a private/hidden account

i’m sick and sore and my headboard fell on my face this morning